Forensics in the apprehension of serial bombers

This paper explores advances in forensic investigation of explosives and how application of forensics is able to aid in the development of serial bomber profiles or in linking serial bombers to scenes or scenes with other scenes. Since the topic of forensic examination of explosives could easily comprise an entire volume, the basic concepts of organized versus disorganized characteristics should hold relatively true with other serial bombing subjects. (more…)


Hacker turned consultant, Kevin Mitnick (courtesy CNet)

I wrote this paper as part of a law class in the spring of 2010. It details some types of cybercrime as well as the methods that US prosecutors utilize in prosecuting them. One of the more interesting things was that cybercriminals can be prosecuted in the USA despite committing crimes outside the USA, somewhat similar to laws which allow for the prosecution of US citizens who commit child molestation while abroad.


Ashcroft vs. Free Speech Coalition

John D. Ashcroft

Ashcroft (courtesy Washington Post)

Ah, the never ending tug of war between personal freedoms. Ashcroft vs the Free Speech Coalition concerns child pornography and the battle between free speech and the protection of minors. Of particular note is a brief political discussion where I argue that personal safety can be construed from the constitution just as much as a right to privacy. Enjoy! (more…)


In Commonwealth versus Pestinikas, the question of legal duty to protect human life is examined. Specifically the concept of a contract for care and preservation is brought into question. I admit that I pose some extremes for liability, but as in most cases discretion of prosecutors and a grand jury determines whether or not a case is brought against an individual. (more…)