Cybercrime Amendment

This was an extra credit assignment I completed for a cybercrime course in the fall of 2010, the question was:

Write a new amendment to the Constitution which covers criminal cases involving computers that are forefathers would have written had they been alive today. This amendment should include provisions for jurisdictional issues such as computer crimes that happen across state lines and in different countries.” (more…)

Ashcroft vs. Free Speech Coalition

John D. Ashcroft

Ashcroft (courtesy Washington Post)

Ah, the never ending tug of war between personal freedoms. Ashcroft vs the Free Speech Coalition concerns child pornography and the battle between free speech and the protection of minors. Of particular note is a brief political discussion where I argue that personal safety can be construed from the constitution just as much as a right to privacy. Enjoy! (more…)

Proportionality and the political process

The following was a post I made in relation to a question posed concerning the use of proportionality (the notion that a punishment should fit the crime). I believe very much in the political process and it’s relevance to lawmaking and criminal justice. I raised a lot of eyebrows with this as it was my first post in that particular class and I expect it may raise some here as well; however, do try to be objective in considering my stance. (more…)

Aggressive Patrol

This was initially a post to a discussion board I wrote. It highlights some of the political responsibility that police have when deciding whether or not aggressive patrol should be instituted. I argued for the inclusion of the community in deciding at what point aggressive patrol should be instituted. (more…)