Patriot act and the online community

I was recently asked:

How has American life been affected by the US Patriot Act? Provide one example each of the Patriot Act’s impact on the online community, the technical industry and the law enforcement community. Explain whether the examples you used have had a positive or negative impact in your opinion.” (more…)


I was recently asked this question:

“Do you think it’s necessary to create new terms for “ordinary” crimes committed with more advanced tools? Is cyberstalking simply stalking using the internet?” (more…)

Cybercrime Amendment

This was an extra credit assignment I completed for a cybercrime course in the fall of 2010, the question was:

Write a new amendment to the Constitution which covers criminal cases involving computers that are forefathers would have written had they been alive today. This amendment should include provisions for jurisdictional issues such as computer crimes that happen across state lines and in different countries.” (more…)


Hacker turned consultant, Kevin Mitnick (courtesy CNet)

I wrote this paper as part of a law class in the spring of 2010. It details some types of cybercrime as well as the methods that US prosecutors utilize in prosecuting them. One of the more interesting things was that cybercriminals can be prosecuted in the USA despite committing crimes outside the USA, somewhat similar to laws which allow for the prosecution of US citizens who commit child molestation while abroad.